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As part of our standard digital security policies, we will require that all users of our website change their passwords. There is a CHANGE PASSWORD box that can be checked at login which will take you to the change password page. NOTE: if you do not change your password prior to Monday, August 10th, then your current password will automatically expire at that time.

**NOTICE**All visitors/drivers MUST wear a safety vest & face mask while on site, failure to comply may result in refused entry.

***To our Neiman Vendors*** – Effective April 4th, there will be a systematic hold to those vendors whose previous orders were identified as a shipping and/or routing violation.

Please see below if you are a Neiman vendor.

Due to past issues with various vendors concerning routing errors at scheduling, some accounts are currently on hold in our system. These discrepancies are a combination of routing errors along with paperwork discrepancies (BOL's) where the original DC routed did not match the final destination from cartons.

To avoid future violations, Performance Team and/or Neiman Marcus need your acknowledgement of the reported issues and your agreement to correct future orders.
Please contact us at neimanCA@performanceteam.net or Neiman Marcus Group Transportation Routing at NMG_Transportation@neimanmarcus.com or at 469-262-1255 to obtain further details and/or support.

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